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Jaime & Nick | Sneak Peek! | De Kalb, IL Wedding

Jaime and Nick are like Romeo & Juliet - starcrossed lovers - a Cubs fan and a Sox fan!  True love can really conquer all - they are one of the cutest, sweetest, most in love couples I have ever met.  Missy and I had an amazing time at their wedding!  One of my favorite parts were the beautiful locations they chose!  Their church had beautiful decor and awesome thick blue carpet, their in between choices were scenic and unique, and their ballroom was on the NIU campus, perfect for their baseball theme but with a touch of elegance! Here are just a few of the images we captured - MANY more to come soon!  <3

Image of groom and image of groomsmen by Missy!

Awesome panoramic by Missy!

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Carol & Peter | Sneak Peek! | Herrington Inn, Geneva, IL Wedding

Tim & Angela | Sneak Peek! | The Belvedere, Elk Grove Village, IL