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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Carol & Peter | Sneak Peek! | Herrington Inn, Geneva, IL Wedding

Carol & Peter were married at one of my all time favorite places - Herrington Inn.  Everytime I go there I fall in love with it all over again - strangely enough, when you shoot at a place for long enough, it almost feels like you are married to it!  That kind of bond is strong within these walls, and Carol & Peter were no exception.  They did not do an engagement session, but we did get to meet up face to face prior to the wedding to plan out the details - which I LOVE doing, and I think Peter loved too!  He is a very detail oriented guy, and wanted to make sure everything ran smoothly on his wedding day!  Well, his wish was granted - and the best detail -- he got to marry beautiful Carol, his best friend :)  She has one of those 1,000-watt smiles that is so contagious, and it was hard to capture her without it!  I know they will be happy for the rest of their lives.  Here is just a small few of my faves so far, many more to come soon!!!  Thanks for waiting! <3, C. Thanks to Steph for helping me on this one - and thanks to Elizabeth Wray Design for making the wedding extra beautiful (as always!)!!!

IMG_4115 IMG_4162 Untitled-5 IMG_4289 Untitled-3 Untitled-7 IMG_4411 IMG_4628 Untitled-6 IMG_4428 Untitled-4 Untitled-2 IMG_4822 IMG_4767 IMG_4764 IMG_4498 IMG_5317 IMG_5305 IMG_5248 Untitled-1 IMG_5464 IMG_5614 IMG_5568

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