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Kyle & Al | Sneak Peek! | Joliet, IL Civil Union Wedding

My first ever Civil Union ceremony was for our amazing cousin, Kyle, and his even more amazing husband Al!  I have known Kyle (who is Brad's cousin), for close to 15 years, and I have loved him more with each passing year.  He is full of mischief, laughter, kindness and love.  Who could resist him?  Certainly not Al, who is equally awesome - he is sweet, funny, handsome and maybe the nicest person I have ever met.  I have so much love for these two, and I am so happy they found each other! Their Civil Union ceremony took place in Joliet, at the Will County Courthouse.  They had a small ceremony with just their parents and Al's sisters and brother, and me!  Then, they had a slightly larger reception in their beautiful backyard with close friends and family.  It was an intimate affair, and so perfect.  Al & Kyle are aspiring caterers and after tasting what they could do, I know they are going to make great things in their future!  In more ways than one!

Here is a little sneak peek, more to come soon! xoxo


I found out after I took the picture below I was supposed to only take pictures in the courtroom!  Woops!  Oh well, I can break the rules to document a piece of history...

 They had tables set up in the yard with plants from their garden as the centerpieces!  Perfect!

I couldn't resist posting just one of my little man, at his first wedding!

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