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Little "C" turns One | Fabyan Forest Preserve | Geneva, Illinois

I had 3 amazing portrait sessions in a row on one recent beautiful summer day, with 3 amazing and beautiful families!  The first was with Little "C" and his mom and dad!  Mom had her parents go on a hunt for balloons, which are scarce these days, due to the helium shortage!  Luckily, they found some and made this cute session extra cute!  Mom had some great ideas for props too - a little car with the number 1 on it and a suitcase for "C"'s travel themed nursery!  I love props when they are  meaningful to the shoot :) We finished up the session with an awesome cake smash to celebrate this little guy's first year! Check out some of my favorite shots:


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Little "R" is 6 months! | Fabyan Forest Preserve | Geneva, Illinois

Little "R" is 6 months! | Fabyan Forest Preserve | Geneva, Illinois

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