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Megan & Sean | Sneak Peek! | Naperville, IL Country Club Wedding

Megan and Sean were married on 12/28/12, on a cool yet lovely Winter night.  They decided to hold off seeing each other until after the ceremony, which in the Winter makes for some dramatic and beautiful night time photos!  They got married at their gorgeous church, then we hit the downtown Naperville scene for just a few minutes for some cool street scene pics.  Finally, we finished our portraits back at the Naperville Country Club, a very elegant and classic club!  The whole day was adorned in flowers by my favorite florist Kristen of Kio Kreations!  I could not have asked for a more picturesque wedding :) Megan and Sean are the sweetest couple ever - they were both all smiles the whole time and I feel like they stepped right out of a fairy tale :)  I know they will live happily ever after!

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