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Amy & Neil | Danada House Wheaton, Illinois Wedding

Amy and Neil's wedding was my first of 2013!  Kate and I had a lot of fun shooting this one at one of my favorite venues - Danada House.  The lovely antique house, white washed barns/stables against a beautiful snowy backdrop of Winter snow - perfect!  Not to mention the lovely couple <3  There were so many amazing moments throughout the day, but my favorite part was how the couple incorporated their love of music and dancing - the dance floor was one of my favorite of all time, and Neil had some of the best moves I have ever seen!  I am sure these two will be dancing the rest of their lives together. :) IMG_3240 IMG_3263 IMG_3271 IMG_3252 Untitled-8 IMG_3311 000358-MH IMG_3385 IMG_3459 Untitled-10 IMG_3563 Untitled-9 IMG_3291 Untitled-4 000170-MH 000178-MH Untitled-6 IMG_3699 IMG_3658 IMG_3687 Untitled-11 IMG_3722 000243-MH 000245-MH IMG_3774 IMG_3816 IMG_3818 IMG_3826 IMG_3922 IMG_3929 Untitled-12 IMG_3974 IMG_3959 IMG_4069 IMG_4014 IMG_4024 IMG_4126 IMG_4140 Untitled-5 000478-MH 000479-MH 000480-MH 000493-MH 000486-MH 000507-MH 000519-MH 000524-MH 000557-MH 000562-MH 000620-MH 000398-MH Untitled-3 000652-MH Untitled-7 000682-MH 000392-MH 000394-MH 000397-MH IMG_4415 Untitled-1 000400-MH Untitled-2 IMG_4401 000836-MH 001036-MH 001047-MH 001055-MH 001114-MH 001060-MH

Thank you to my fellow vendors:

Flowers | Zuzu's Petals

Venue | Danada House

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