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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Kori & Kevin | Fishermen's Inn | Elburn, IL Wedding Photographer

After 400 or so weddings, you would think it would be hard for me to find something unique.  This journey has lasted me 14 years (since I was "hired" to shoot my very first wedding) and I can honestly tell you I am still delighted, amazed, and overjoyed by the love and emotions of every single wedding I photograph.  Kori is a mom, and her flower girl is her daughter.  Kori's mom got a chance to speak at the reception and I remember she said something to the effect of "I am in awe of the kind of mother you have become".  That is high praise coming from your own mom.  I actually shed a few tears myself when I heard her say that.  A marriage is a journey that bonds you to another person but parenthood is taking a piece of yourself and sending it off into the world.   I would say that both Kori and Kevin have a beautiful road ahead and their little girl has generations of wonderful people to help her become just as awesome as her mom & dad. <3

"Your children will become who you are; so be who you want them to be."

Venue: Fishermens Inn

Flowers: Wild Orchid Custom Floral Design

Band: Dick Diamond and the Dusters

2nd Photographer: Stephanie Salisbury

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