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Callie & Charlie | Morton Arboretum | Lisle, Illinois Engagement Session

Speaking of iffy weather, I really didn't think Callie & Charlie's engagement session was going to happen on the day it did - Callie had been sick a few days before, it literally was thunderstorming all day and the forecast was not looking good.  We went ahead with the shoot anyway, me thinking we were definitely going to get rained on.  Well guess what?  No rain, the whole time!  It did start to get really dark and cloudy and it finally rained as I was headed home, but the weather held out just for us.  Bonus - no one was at Morton Arboretum that night!  The overcast skies and humidity gave a soft, romantic feel to the photos and Callie and Charlie were adorable!  They brought props too - signs to save the date for their wedding next Fall! <3 CC-137 CC-11 CC-25 Untitled-3 CC-39 CC-40 CC-52 CC-107 CC-115 Untitled-2 CC-129 CC-130 CC-134 CC-142 CC-158 CC-116 Untitled-1

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