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Melody & Ryan Sneak Peek!| Landmark Chapel & 80th Ave. Train Station | Tinley Park, IL Photographer

Melody & Ryan have been together 11 years, and yes, we did hear that old saying "It's about time!" at the wedding.  But, being a person who was coupled for about 10 years prior to taking the plunge, I prefer to say "No time like the present".   Their wedding was at the Landmark Chapel in Tinley Park, a very sweet, "vintage" church near the train station.  The reception was a short Metra ride (fun!) to the 80th Ave. Train Station, which is a beautifully designed little depot, perfect for an intimate reception.  Kate helped me shoot and we had an awesome time! IMG_6550

(church photo by Kate)IMG_0585 Untitled-1 IMG_0672 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 IMG_1047 Untitled-4 Untitled-8

(groom/groomsmen pics by Kate)IMG_1184 IMG_1223 IMG_1240 IMG_1290 IMG_1452 Untitled-5 IMG_1560 IMG_1571 IMG_1632 Untitled-6 IMG_1285 IMG_1769 IMG_1904 IMG_1963 IMG_2786 IMG_2031 Untitled-7 IMG_2095 IMG_2127 IMG_2460 IMG_7252

(dance dip pic by Kate)IMG_2631 IMG_2352

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