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Anna-Lisa & Ray | Engaged!

Anna-Lisa and Ray are getting married in just a few short weeks!  But a couple weeks ago, we went out to shoot a few casual engagement photos to celebrate the couple and their love.  They chose the perfect day - it was sunny, it had recently snowed, and we went to the lovely Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva.  I know a lot of people grumble about the winter around here - but on a day like this at this gorgeous location, how can you deny that winter is beautiful too?

Ray and Anna-Lisa are such a fun couple - they have such a natural way of holding each other and making each other laugh - I barely had to pose them at all!  I am so lucky to have such awesome clients! :)

I had so much fun with them the whole session zoomed by - I can't wait for their wedding!  Some of my favorites are below:

Sherry & Michael | Sneak Peek!

Katie & Eric | Sneak Peek!