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Julie & Brandon Sneak Peek! | The Public Landing Restaurant | Lockport, IL Wedding Photographer

Julie & Brandon were married the day after the 4th of July, so we had quite a fun and beautiful day, complete with sparklers!  When I posted my sneak peek image on Facebook and said we took SO many great photos, I was not lying!  I have just a few below -- Julie is super creative, and came up with a lot of great ideas/places, and we were able to get amazing photos of them all!  I didn't even post all of the ones we got, just to save a few as a surprise when I reveal all of them to the bride and groom ;) Kate and I love working with creative couples, and seeing all the fun details.  Weddings are fun, but we know and APPRECIATE all the HARD WORK brides and grooms and their families put into the planning process!!!!  So for future brides everywhere, everything is usually perfect and if you hit a bump here or there, no one will know but you!  I don't think Julie & Brandon came across any on their wedding day, but by the smiles on their faces and love in their eyes the whole day, I know it was smooth sailing.  I know their whole lives together will be too! <3

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Pic above (Bride talking to her friend who couldn't come because she just had a baby!) by Kate :)005jb 006jb

Back of dress by Kate007jb 008jb 009jb

Groom/groomsmen pics by Kate010jb 011jb 012jb 013jb 014jb 015jb 016jb 017jb 018jb 019jb 020jb 021jb 022jb 023jb 024jb 025jb 026jb 027jb 028jb 029jb 030jb 031jb 032jb 033jb 034jb 035jb 036jb 037jb 038jb 039jb 040jb 041jb 042jb 043jb 044jb 045jb 046jb 047jb 048jb 049jb 050jb 051jb

Awesome sparkler pics by Kate!052jb

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