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Logan & Amber | Sneak Peek! (Bad-ish News/Great News)

This sneak peek is coming kind of late in the game, but unfortunately, this week I found out my assistant Stephanie had to have major emergency surgery!  Normally, she keeps me up to date with help on editing, so Logan & Amber's images had to be delayed a bit - however, I promised them this right-before-your-images-are-online sneak peek while I wait for Steph to return to work!  Here is to your safe and speedy recovery!!! <3 - OK that was the bad-ish news -- NOW for the GREAT news!  Logan & Amber's wedding was fabulous!

It was definitely one of the most gorgeous weddings I've seen - with help in planning by Amber's mom Cynthie - she is so dynamite, I loved her taste and she picked such lovely venues!  The floral decor could not be beat - I will have to update you with the florist/planner at a later date as I have misplaced the questionnaire we had filled out for her wedding details!  Such is the life of a busy mom, I suppose - not to worry though, I always keep them safe until after the wedding they tend to get a little abuse so they are hard to keep in one spot!

Anyway, on to the important stuff -- Amber & Logan are such a special couple - they are the sweetest two people I have ever met and are perfect for each other - they take care of each other and love each other so much it reminds me of a great love out of a fairy tale.  They are also good friends with not one but TWO former couples of mine - Landon & Erin and Missy & Jake!  They were such awesome weddings so I knew this would be equally awesome, which it was!  Here are just a few of my faves and more to come soon!  Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day!

The bride got ready at home - here are shots of her lovely dress and the lovely Amber herself applying the last makeup touches:

Getting into the dress...

Putting on the shoes...

I love snagging a few window light shots before we leave the room or location where the bride is getting ready (If available) - I loved every stick of furniture in Amber's mom's house, so it was easy to find a cool spot!

Amber & Logan actually did a first look at their church, then we went to the reception location to take photos then back to the church for the ceremony!  They were very close (about a mile away) so I was willing to do that!

The reception location (Wheaton Academy in West Chicago, IL) was such a great venue for photos and we had such an awesome weather day, so I was happy to photograph at two spots prior to the wedding!

These next few sweet shots of Logan were done by my lovely 2nd photographer Stephanie (was able to snag just these few), who I know will be on the mend soon and back in action and better than ever!

I stuck in the ceremony here as traditionally, the B&G would not see each other until afterwards, since I couldn't add in all the shots I wanted because I didn't have access to all of Stephanie's photos,

I did not put the first look in.  Otherwise, I would have to show you how its done!  But here are the b&g "after" the ceremony:

This is NOT the church where they got married - there is an old fashioned chapel on the grounds at Wheaton Academy which made a great backdrop for photos of the

bridal party and Amber & Logan!

They had a HUGE group! I think it was 8 Bridesmaids, 8 Groomsmen, 5 bridal attendants, 4 ushers, 1 flower girl and 1 ringbearer!  So we had some fun with them :)

Unlike a lot of receptions, the dinner portion of the night was outside in the grove at WA - luckily the weather held up because it was absolutely fabulous as you can see:

(Cake was inside where dancing took place so it didn't melt)

One more shot before sunset, so romantic!

Amber & Logan had some pretty awesome dance moves, I must say!

But their guests did too!  Here are just a few I think should win some prizes for their sweet dance ability:

Rarely, we get to see the bride and groom off at the end of the night - this time was done so well - they had their guests throw a ton - no, A TON of birdseed as they raced off into the night!  Stephanie and I had birdseed

in our clothes and shoes at the end!  Crazy!

This is Amber & Logan speeding off in their new decorated car, with mom Cynthie blowing a kiss goodbye - this shot brings a tear to my eye because I can just feel the love!


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