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Kristin & Andy Sneak Peek! | Hotel Baker | St. Charles, IL Wedding Photographer

Kristin & Andy are good friends with Tricia & Matt - so you might see a few people (namely the bridesmaids) you recognize at this wedding!  What could be better than a Hotel Baker wedding?  How about a Hotel Baker wedding with perfect flowers, gorgeous weather, FUN guests, a handsome groom and to top it off - a GORGEOUS bride with 1,000 watt smile?   Sometimes I think I should pinch myself at my weddings, because I could not be this lucky!  Besides the eye candy, one of my favorite things I get to do is hear stories throughout the day... about the adventures of finding the right clothes... the rehearsal dinner tales from the night before... future plans and honeymoon trips... but my favorite stories are when the bride and groom are apart and talking about one another.  I have to say, that is when I hear some great things about how much love, respect and adoration they have for each other.  Of course they get along - its their wedding day!  But when I hear about the little details of why they have such strong bonds, it makes my heart soar.  Kristin & Andy had a lot of history together -- since Junior High!  But one tidbit I heard was that when he first met her, he hoped someday she would become his wife.  I guess dreams do come true, no pinching required! <3 001ka 002ka 003ka 004ka 005ka 006ka 007ka 008ka 009ka 010ka 011ka 012ka 013ka 014ka 015ka 016ka 017ka 018ka 019ka 020ka 021ka 022ka 023ka 024ka 025ka 026ka 027ka 028ka 029ka 030ka 031ka 032ka 033ka 034ka 035ka 036ka 037ka 038ka 039ka 040ka 041ka 042ka 043ka 044ka 045ka 046ka 047ka 048ka 049ka 050ka 051ka 052ka 053ka 054ka 055ka 056ka 057ka 058ka 059ka 060ka 061ka 062ka 063ka 064ka 065ka 066ka 067ka 068ka 069ka 070ka 071ka 072ka 073ka 074ka 075ka

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