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Book NOW for your Holiday Portraits! (and document that Family Tree)

Hello friends!  As some of you may know, my October portrait schedule is BOOKED to the hilt!  Fall is always such a lovely time of year around here, so I don't blame all of you that made your appointments in the "leaf" weeks!  However, I wanted to remind you of the beauty of Winter AND the beauty of studio portraiture - I have access to both (yes I am lucky to have access to Winter, you are jealous right?)!

So, as you are starting to think of what to do for the holidays, either to give to others or just to remember this special time with your loved ones, think perhaps that portraits may be the way to go, and I would be super fantastic happy to shoot those for you! :)

I also wanted to take this blog time to talk about one of my favorite past times - researching my ancestry - I know, boooooring right?  WRONG!  I got into researching my family tree in recent years as I did not know much about my family's past.  Where did we come from exactly?  Most of my family came from the St. Louis area, but I know we didn't START there.  Turns out I got as far back as Hickman, Kentucky (not TOO far), but I'm sure there is more beyond that (I know at one point some of my ancestors came over from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, et al.)!  I just love finding out about who the people were that I came from, what they did for a living, and imagine (or discover) their stories.  A lot of what I find out makes me feel lucky to be where I am today, who I am and have the people I know in my life.  It also makes me proud to know some of the hard times they went through to end up creating people that ended up creating me, and how I can't complain about my own hard times when I compare with theirs!  I just think that family history is one of the most fascinating and precious things we have.  It is our legacy, our story, and I don't like the fact that I don't know a lot of what has happened to my family in the past.  I also like feeling like a detective, looking at all the historic records (mostly online at this point, but hopefully someday in real life!), trying to interpret the handwritten names, places and occupations from a century or two ago!  This hobby also goes hand in hand with my occupation - as a photographer I am helping to record history and celebrate the legacy of family and the story of your love.  It is one of the best jobs, and I love having it, and I love meeting all of you!

With that, here are some of the photos I took in recent years:

Celebrate Winter! Both Indoors...

Rock out in the studio!

Better smile! Santa's watching!

Sweet sisters on location at Herrington Inn (Geneva)

Beautiful yet funky! Mom and daughter in the studio.

Remember to tell Santa what you want this Christmas! (Geneva)

And Outdoors!

Frolicking in the snow!

Bundle up for a sled ride!

Even the pups can join in on the fun!

Chill out by yourself or Snuggle up with a sweetie...

Or just enjoy the scenic views and beauty of Winter! (actual shot taken during a photo shoot!)

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