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Jen & Steve Get Married | Portraits of a Day (changes come in all sizes)

One of my favorite aspects of shooting photographs when documenting is framing the shots.  This is probably the most simple, elementary aspect of taking pictures, the first thing you do when you lift that camera to your eye and peer through the view finder (or look at the back of the camera viewing screen).  The choice to frame something in a certain way is at once to include something and to cut something out - to signify that this thing is important, what you see within the four walls of the photo is the story that is to be told, and may or may not leave you wondering what else was there.  Recently I shot a wedding and as I chose photos to blog about, I realized I was picking ones that were more carefully framed, purposefully, rather than just to get the shot to tell the story...

This is how this couple felt to me - perfectly, purposely put together.  Jen & Steve.

As I move forward in my life and my business as a wedding/portrait photographer, I feel changes on the horizon - already I have had some big personal changes - losing my father-in-law, having my baby... and some small business changes - packaging, my blog... and maybe some medium sized changes too in both personal and business.  You may notice some more as the months go by, and announcements will be made.  All will be for the good!  I am excited as I enter this new phase in my life and as I get to continue to share little pieces of yours.  Thank you for being you, and thank  you for letting me be a part of these special times in your lives.

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