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Donielle & Adam | Engagement Teaser (you are still loved)

Donielle and Adam and I went outside this afternoon - the weather ran the gamut from sunny to windy to cloudy to rain, but we braved the elements anyway and took some super rad fall portraits.  They have been together for 8 1/2 years, and moved together with the knowledge and love of a couple who have been together for a long time and are about to celebrate their relationship by making it "official" (not unlike my own story).  They are such a super cool and gorgeous couple, and I hope I can do them justice with my uber-nerdiness.  The good news is we have some things in common - marrying our high school sweethearts, love of history (I highly appreciated Adam's background knowledge of our shooting spot - St. James Farm) and a fondness for ghost stories... Speaking of old things, I have been fiddling around with vintageness lately, which I guess is a trend but I try to just go with the flow of what I am liking, and it just so happens to be a popular thing right now.  My favorite thing right now though is the vintage camera app on my cell phone.  However, this time I stuck with good old fashioned photoshop.  Just a teaser (kind of a 70's vibe, so I rounded the corners like so many photographs stuck in my mom and dad's old static albums)...

In other news, I wanted to announce to all of you searching for your photos on here that just because I haven't blogged about you does NOT mean I don't love you and intend to in the future, perhaps.  It's just that I try to stay as current as possible with this and somethings have fallen by the wayside.  Most likely if you have not been blogged, you may be in the future, but your best bet is to shoot me a request.  Not that my blog is like having your name in lights, but I do want to share with the cyber-world your loveliness if you would like me to!

More soon, I promise!  - c.

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