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Meaghan & Derek | Engagement Teaser (more vintage bliss)

Meaghan & Derek are yet another totally rad couple.  When I met Meaghan and Derek we hit it off right away, we had the same ideas going through our heads, so I knew we would have a great time with their photos!  Meaghan has a love for vintage like none other, and I adore her for it.  She decided to include props in their engagement photo shoot, which is highly recommended for fun times.  It makes for a miniature story out of your photos, which is super fun too.  There were a lot of amazing things about the shoot, one of them being Meaghan's hair!  It is super long and curly - my dream hair. This was another cold and windy day, but we rocked it.  Derek I think was a bit cold, but he is so super sweet and had not one complaint the whole time.  At one point he even held up a barbed wire fence for us to traverse through and didn't even bat an eye.  That's enough to make a girl swoon, I must say.

Here is one of my favorites from the "picnic" shots we got -- I can hear canned music playing when I look at it, so I threw an old school filter on that - boom!  It reminds me of one of those photos you might find floating around an antique store...

<3 - c.

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