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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Julie & Dave | St. Charles, Illinois Engagement Photographer

One of my "big" changes and New Years Resolutions is to blog more portrait sessions!  I often get the question "Do you take portraits?" and I always answer "Of course I do!" but I never seem to find the time to blog any of the sessions I do.  So here is one of my favorites from this past fall.  Leroy Oakes in St. Charles is AMAZING but since its such a popular photo spot, I am always looking for new ways to show off the beauty of the place.  Julie and Dave were one of my couples that I had the opportunity to do that with!  They are getting married elsewhere this Summer, so I won't have the pleasure of shooting their wedding, however, I am always up for engagement photos!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session. :) 2015-01-22_0012 2015-01-22_0001 2015-01-22_0002 2015-01-22_0003 2015-01-22_0004 2015-01-22_0005 2015-01-22_0006 2015-01-22_0007 2015-01-22_0008 2015-01-22_0009 2015-01-22_0010 2015-01-22_0011 2015-01-22_0013 2015-01-22_0014 2015-01-22_0015 2015-01-22_0016 2015-01-22_0017 2015-01-22_0018 2015-01-22_0019

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