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Lauren & Eric Tie The Knot | Sneak Peek

Lauren & Eric were married a few weeks ago... when I think of weddings, I think of a day that you get to spend celebrating love - the love you and your best friend share, the love of families, the love of friends.  You get to dress up in fancy clothes, vow to create a new family by combining your life with another, and hang out with all of your friends all day, party, and maybe dance the night away.  What could be more fun than that???  I am not saying every wedding is the same - it's not.  There are so many ingredients that go into a wedding, and everyone is so different, that even when I have shot a wedding at a location or two several times, I feel like I have never been there before.  That's how I felt on Lauren and Eric's day - they are best friends.  They were made for each other.  They could speak without talking.  I often throughout the day felt myself thinking - I feel like these two have already been married for a long time.  They are soul mates, or whatever you want to call it.   Their ceremony was at one of the best looking churches I have been to - Baker Memorial in St. Charles.  I have been here before, but never with Lauren and Eric.  Never had I been there on a snowy, late January day, with this classically beautiful bride and this dashing groom.  Their energy kept it different - their details kept it their own.  Their reception, at Hotel Baker up the street (also where they got ready) also became a backdrop to their beautiful details, the buzz of their love.  I found myself taking photos in places of the hotel I have never been before, delighting in the comfort of the familiar, and relishing the excitement of the new - much like, I think, they felt about each other on their wedding day. Missy and Tara helped me out, I love how they each have their own style and energy themselves.  I really feel that collaborating with a bride and groom and a 2nd or sometimes a 3rd photographer can create some beautiful artistic things on one of the most special days of your lives...

More to come SOON!  Thank you letting us be a part of your day! xoxo, C

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