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Little B is 6 Months!

Being a baby has got to be tough.  From an adults point of view - babies are little miracles.  Ever changing, ever learning, adorable, curious and sweet (when they are not crying and/or pooping) - the best thing on Earth (in my humble opinion).  But from their point of view, the world is a scary (albeit fascinating) place, they are constantly discovering new things or body parts to chew on to ease a little of the pain of teething (or to taste test the world), meeting new big people and sometimes other little ones, trying to figure out what is dangerous and what is OK to play with, according to Mommy and Daddy's seemingly spontaneous "no's" and "yay's".  There are good points of being a baby too - falling asleep in your mother's arms, taking a ride on your dad's shoulders, learning how to use the body you so love to chew on, laughter, clapping and love.  It's funny how much babies change in their first year, and how much they learn, knowing they will probably not remember much or anything at all from that first year.  So here is a little part of B's - right in the midst of it...