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Renae & Nick | Engaged!

I have done many an engagement session in my photographic lifetime, but have not blogged them as often.  It's not that I don't like them - in fact, I love them.  I love the creativity that goes into them, the comfort level that is built between me and the b&g (if I'm shooting their wedding), making their wedding day go that much more smoother.  They are fun, casual, easy and create some great art - from me, sure (yeah, I'm awesome :| <-sarcastic face) but also from my couples - they tell me about themselves, show me a piece of what they love - be it location (they love to go, they got engaged here, they met here, they had their first kiss, etc...) or clothing or just the personality they bring to the photos.  The way they interact with each other and with the camera.  Do they like to hold hands, cuddle, smooch (I love that stuff, so its inevitable, sorry)?  Or are they a bit more reserved - do they want to just be in each others presence, look at each other or look away and reflect on the next step in their life... I don't know.  I just love hanging out and taking cool pictures - all that other stuff is there too, but I don't always talk about it.  Sometimes talking about it too much ruins the ambience and the electricity.  Maybe that's why I haven't blogged them as much - I am hiding them away like a hidden treasure that I can enjoy just for myself.  Well, I'm willing to share the goods now :) Plenty o' that aforementioned electricity & ambience in this session.  Nick & Renae are getting married in Mexico this year (no, I'm not going :( wah!) and Nick is actually a photog himself!  He has a great friend who is a photographer too, who is traveling with them for their big day, so they had little ol' me (not sure what's up with me abbreviating o words today) take some engagement photos.  They told me they love to just hang out with each other and watch movies - so we went to Arcada in St. Charles.  It's an old movie theater that has been around for quite a while, and now has mostly live shows and what not.  At one point, it was on the brink of closing, so luckily the Onesti bros bought it and have brought it back to life.  They are still bringing it back, but are so cool for letting us shoot there!  We loved it - very vintage and moody with a touch of quirk, which I think suited them well.  N&R were so great together, so loving and silly and I could tell they are going to have a beautiful life...

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