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Meaghan & Derek | Sweet Vintage Winter Wedding

Meaghan & Derek are full of love.  Not just for each other, but for their families, their community and for life.  Every message I ever got from Meaghan had excitement and love in it, and at their engagement session and all day on their wedding day, I could see the devotion Derek had for his future wife.  It is amazing that the love they have for one another they can give to everyone.  They grew up together, their parents are part of the same church, and so they knew each other since they were very young!  It seems like fate they would end up as husband and wife.  Even now, I catch a glimpse of them on Facebook, I can tell they have such a wonderful life together, and I am so happy I got to be a part of their wedding.  It is people like them that inspire me to love life, everyday. The other thing I love about Meaghan is her vintage style - her wardrobe is full of killer vintage finds. Every time I saw her, I would fall in love with her outfits!  Her wedding was no different, with her bridesmaids rocking handmade dresses, and all of her details were crafted by friends or loved ones (beautiful flowers were by Katy Did It in Yorkville).  Her wedding was in February, by the way, so it was cold and snowy, but I didn't even notice, and if anything, it added to the beauty of the day!  I love Winter weddings, especially when the bride and groom love it too!  We were able to shoot a few shots outside, and then some awesome shots later on in the evening at their reception venue - Royal Fox Country Club in St. Charles... here are a few faves of the day...

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