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Jessica & Matt | Elegant, Modern, Classic, FUN, Hometown Wedding

Jessica & Matt are related to former clients of mine - Maureen & Jim - Matt is Maureen's son and was in her wedding.  So they were no strangers to me when I met with them about their wedding.  They are a super laid back couple, and also grew up in Geneva, and actually know my little brother!  So I felt very comfortable around them and we clicked right away.  Their wedding was gorgeous!  It was on 1 of maybe 2 beautiful days we've had since September/October!  So not only is this couple super hot, super sweet and tons of fun, they are lucky too!  Whoever heard of a beautiful day in March?!?!  Well they got it!  That is just the first of many beautiful days I know these two - who have been together for about 10 years I think! - will have for the rest of their lives. J&M had a lot of beautiful details in their wedding, but one of my favorites (who only got to hang out prior to the wedding, but I am happy for that!) was their little pug dog Bob!  He is so cute and they both love him so much!  I just thought it was kind of amazing because my husband Brad and I (and our friend Amanda) are HUGE Pug fans. :)

Missy & I shot the wedding, and she took the kick ass shots of the guys getting ready!  She also took the rad "Mugshots" below.  So the story with those is - this was totally random and meant to be.  I was talking about how I always wanted to take mugshots at a wedding (not sure why, I am strange sometimes), and Jessica was like "YES! I always wanted to do that too!" So bam, it was done.  Missy had her direct flash camera on her so she stepped in.  It was a wonderfully artistic collaboration -- hahaha! Sort of.  Anyway, it was a ton of fun, as was the entire wedding!  I am so happy we got to be a part of your day, and more to come soon!!! <3

A few details -- Flowers: Town & Country Gardens -- Church: Baker Memorial Church -- Reception: Eagle Brook Country Club


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