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I LOVE Winter Weddings!!!

I'm not joking. With this heat and humidity, I figured we could all cool down with some cold weather wedding photos.  I'm not saying that I don't like Summer and Summer weddings - and Spring and Fall (which are admittedly, my fave seasons, but Summer and Winter are close 2nds).  But I've grown to LOVE Winter - the weather is sometimes iffy - cold, unbearably cold - and the snow is not always ideal.  Snow is gorgeous, yes, and its awesome when it all works out for your wedding, and you have a Winter Wonderland for your wedding day (not a blizzard, but a nice fluffy Santa Claus snow).  But what I love the most is the drama of light in the Winter.  Its' darker - moodier - romance and sexiness are abundant.  There is a sweetness to having a Holiday wedding, but for the most part Winter weddings are the equivalent of dark and brooding boyfriend. Fierce.  Whether you choose an indoor venue that is amazing and adds a gorgeous backdrop for your photos, or you decide to brave the cold with a sweater, coat, fur or just your bare arms and a smile, or you do both, Winter weddings are nothing short of amazing. AND - living in good ol' Chicagoland, Illinois, makes it so easy to have a wedding that you don't really even need to worry about the weather in the cold months.  Your wedding can be just as badass as the beautiful, sunshine-y warm weather weddings of mid-summer.  I had a dead center Summer wedding, in St. Louis, to boot - so it was super hot that day. AND it was an outdoor wedding.  Sweat was abundant.  But you know what I remember most about that day?  How happy I was to be marrying my best friend, and the kick ass party we were throwing for our friends and family.  And the pretty flowers and awesome photographer :)  So, I am not opposed to a Summer time wedding - I am in love with all of my Summer time weddings.  But I am also deeply in love with Winter weddings - and the awesomeness they bring...

So sit back, chill out in your A/C (if you don't have A/C I am so sorry and you can totally come over and hang out with me at my house anytime), and enjoy these cool images from some of my favorite Winter (or Winter-esque, aka indoor) Weddings...

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Laura & Kris | Sneak Peek! | Herrington Inn Geneva Wedding

Katie & Michael | Romantic Farm Wedding | Sneak Peek!