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Jisung & Kichul | Thompson Hotel | Chicago, IL Wedding Photographer

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your culture and heritage is to include traditions from those in your wedding ceremony.  There are few as vibrant and peaceful as those of Asian cultures -- Kichul and Jisung are Korean, and after the wedding they had a traditional tea ceremony including beautiful hand made clothing.  With well wishes from their parents and friends, and a show of honor and respect to them, they shared tea and good thoughts.  There was not a lot of talking throughout but the quietness was peaceful and it still had a powerful emotional feeling as the love among family and friends was demonstrated. Kichul and Jisung had that same quiet yet powerful love between them -- that feeling of knowing each other a lifetime, even though its only been a short while.   It was a pleasure to be a part of their day and enjoy the love that they had for each other and will be in their lives forever. <3

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Ceremony: Thompson Hotel Chicago Reception: Thompson Hotel Chicago DJ: Fig Media Flowers: Wishing Well Florist Transportation: Second City Trolley Second Photographer: Stephanie Salisbury

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