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Jill & Gil | Elgin Country Club | Elgin, IL Wedding Photographer

Jill and Gil were my last wedding of October, and it was the perfect Fall day!   A little windy and chilly just added a bit of drama, but these two and their wedding party were super fun and had a great time! There was never a dull moment, and I know their marriage will be just like their wedding - a wonderful adventure! <3 001jg 002jg 003jg 004jg 005jg 006jg 007jg 008jg 009jg 010jg 011jg 012jg 013jg 014jg 015jg 016jg 017jg 018jg 019jg 020jg 021jg 022jg 023jg 024jg 025jg 026jg 027jg 028jg 029jg 030jg 031jg 032jg 033jg 034jg 035jg 036jg 037jg 038jg 039jg 040jg 041jg 042jg 043jg 044jg 045jg 046jg 047jg 048jg 049jg 050jg 051jg 052jg 053jg 054jg 055jg 056jg 057jg 058jg


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