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Ashley & Cody | Chevy Chase Country Club | Wheeling, IL Wedding Photographer

This post was a long time coming... my first wedding of 2016!  This year is sure to bring about a lot of changes, both for myself and for the world in general, but I am looking forward to new things.  More on that later, as I am so excited to finally get to share this beautiful January wedding with you! One of my favorite things about Winter weddings are when they are in beautiful old churches.  It's so easy to find picturesque spots, inside and out.  The ceremony was beautiful too, and Ashley and Cody were able to silently "greet" all their guests with a symbolic candle lighting ceremony that took them up the aisle in the middle of it all, something that most couples don't get to do at that time.  It really brought everyone together and got them involved in the celebration of the marriage as it was happening.  Very lovely.   They are such an adorable couple - I often compare couples like this to Hollywood because they are so beautiful, but these two are also so down to Earth and friendly, and sweet, and meant to last forever.  I was so happy Kate and I got to be a part of their day.  This was definitely one of my all time favorite Winter wedding days. <3

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Ceremony: Trinity United Methodist Church Reception: Chevy Chase Country Club Second Photographer: Kate Kaplan

All images in this post are © Hazelton Photography 2016.  Please ask permission before use.  Credit required.

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