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Libby & Frankie | Medinah Country Club | Medinah, IL Wedding Photographer

Sometimes life is imperfect.  Not everything goes according to plan, but if we can approach life from a place of love, sweetness and light, things that seemed to be dark spots can fade completely.  Libby had to have emergency surgery just days before her wedding day.  She was understandably concerned that she wouldn't be up for much activity during the wedding, and might need to take several breaks throughout the day.  Of course, I said "no problem", as I have been faced with many challenges throughout my career as a wedding photographer and the fact that she was up for even keeping the event going was good enough for me! However, Libby and Frankie are filled with such love, sweetness and light, the day went off without a hitch.  Everything was beautiful and lovely, they married in a gorgeous church ceremony and followed up with photos and reception at the incomparable Medinah Country Club.  It was as if that dark spot was erased by everything that is good and right in the world.  At least for one day.  <3

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