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Kim & Dave | Sneak Peek! | Baker Memorial Church, St. Charles, IL & Eagle Brook, Geneva, IL

Kim & Dave were married on one stormy day in August.   It doesn't usually rain much in August, but when you have a couple as electric as these two - there's bound to be some magic in the air.  All of my couples are different from each other - they all have their qualities that make them unique in some way.  However, my couples do have one thing in common - they are amazing, beautiful and fun.  K&D were no exception!  Many more pics to come soon! <3 Brad & I photographed the big day together -- whenever I photograph with him I can really feel the love in the air.  Not just because we're married, but because when we collaborate AWESOME stuff happens :)

Baker Church is one of my all time favorite churches.  There is nothing ugly about this place.  Inside and out it is gorgeous, just like all of my brides!

Woo! One thing all of my grooms can do is be handsome, let me tell ya. Better yet - let me show ya:

There is something magical about Eagle Brook Country Club too - nestled into a neighborhood off of a busy street - once you are inside and on the grounds, you feel like you stepped into another dimension in the middle of nowhere!  It's so serene.

Kim and Dave are big classic car fans (LOVE) so we had a little fun with their escort card/favors!

Oh, and one more thing my brides can do - did you know they can all cast spells? :)


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