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Jen & Jake | St. Charles, IL | Engagement Session

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE shooting at night.  I love the look of night - its romance, seductiveness, drama.  Its the same reason I love Winter weddings.  I love using light at night too - whether it comes from me (well, my equipment, I don't give off actual light, although some may argue with you on that, hehe) or from the location I am in.  One of my projects in college was to take a rather large View Camera (that's one of those old timey, under the cover, accordion looking things for those of you not "in-the-know") and I took pictures of my high school at night.  It was sort of an homage to my high school days being over with, and it said something about high school being a dark place for some.  Night can say a lot of things about a couple too. Jen and Jake are no drama.  They are not quite serious but not quite silly - they are romantic, adorable and just love being together.    Their sunset/evening shoot in downtown St. Charles was amazing.  It was cool, sexy and sweet, just like these two.  I can't wait for their wedding day!

Here are a few faves:

Potawatomie Park in St. Charles is one of my fave places to shoot!  Its so serene and beautious. And, I can tell couples about

my daring adventures as a teen, climbing up to the train tracks at night (don't try that at home kids)!

So, I shot this with my amazing assistant Tara (who is awesome and lives in Onalaska, WI now - Boo for me, Yay for you Wisconsiners!), so I actually don't know if I took these next couple shots, or if she did:

So, a quick clothing change in the parking garage - and back to the streets of STC...

Props to my Wool & Co. Homies!

Arcada is hands down one of my favorite spots to shoot.  Its a beautiful old theater in the heart of St. Charles and has lots of live shows there now.  Its owned by the Onesti bros., who are awesome, down-to-earth and super nice.

This & sign was Jen's idea!  I think it turned out super cute! <3

More on their slideshow!

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