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Stephanie & Roger | Sneak Peek! | St. Walter Church, Chicago, IL & Silver Lake Country Club, Orland Park, IL

I don't remember the first time I met Stephanie and Roger.  They didn't do an engagement session with me, so when Missy & I showed up to take their wedding photos, it was sort of like meeting them for the first time!  I did remember that Bryan & Kelly referred me to them, and I am forever grateful.  Because even though we did not know each other beforehand, when we first set foot in their house, they made us feel like family! They are the sweetest couple ever, not just with others but especially with each other.  I really saw it when, after a long, hot and humid day of shooting, Stephanie wanted just a few more pictures outside at the country club.  Roger, wet with sweat from top to toe, gladly obliged, and said ever so calmly and sweetly, "OK, but this is the last one"!  Now, that's not to say Stephanie is demanding - she was SO excited to be getting beautiful photos taken on her wedding day with her true love.  Who wouldn't want to take a few more?

We went to two amazing locations in between - The first was a park and Aeration Station close to the church.  You never know where you are going to find beauty - Aeration station may not sound beautiful - but check it out below!  It really was, and made a great backdrop for their bridal party pics :)

The second was Stephanie and Roger's house, which is in Blue Island.  They have been fixing it up for a while now, and it is so cute!  The family decided to have a little mini-party for them there in between the ceremony and reception, because there was LOTS of time in between!

Lastly, we ended up at Silver Lake CC, which is a private club in Orland Park.  It is quite lovely outside there, and we were blessed with beautiful (nevermind the hot) weather that day.

I pulled up just a few of the many photos we took that day to tease S&R just before the big reveal SOON!  Hope you enjoy!  I included a few of their photo booth to celebrate Halloween this Monday!   Be safe and party hard this weekend - in costume! :)

<3, C

YES, that IS the bridal party down there. DUH. Seriously, we did get closer shots, I just thought this looked cool :)

It better not end up on one of those awkward family photo websites! :0

Carrying his new wife over the threshold! <3

Lovely flowers/decor by Catherine's Garden!

More soon guys, thanks for waiting! <3

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