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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Alli & Jon | St Charles and Geneva, Illinois Engagement Session

I was just going to post 1 or 2 photos from this session on Facebook, but when I went to decide which ones, I just couldn't bring myself to pick.  I love them all too much.  I have to say this is one of my all time favorite portrait sessions -- not just because the weather was a beautiful Winter day, the lighting was perfect, the locations were picturesque, and the couple was attractive.  Alli and Jon had some sort of magic - they made each other laugh, they fit together perfectly, and I could actually SEE their love.  They inspired me, enough for me to remark out loud during the shoot (after they bought me a hot chocolate, which was another great part!) that I didn't feel like I was working - I was having fun.  This is going to be a great year. <3 0011-AJ 0022-AJ Untitled-2 0037-AJ 0038-AJ 0040-AJ 0077-AJ 0081-AJ 0085-AJ 0098-AJ 0104-AJ 0108-AJ 0113-AJ 0121-AJ 0139-AJ 0142-AJ 0153-AJ 0154-AJ 0156-AJ 0159-AJ 0171-AJ 0174-AJ 0183-AJ Untitled-1 0198-AJ 0199-AJ

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