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Baby Josiah | 6 months | Geneva, Illinois Lifestyle Photographer

Josiah's mom & dad are probably the two cutest people I have ever met.  It's no wonder they had probably the cutest baby that ever existed!  I had so much fun taking photos of them just being themselves and enjoying their lovely family at their house.  They incorporated things that were special to them, such as mom's guitar and Josiah's adorable decor in his room.  Love, peace & pure happiness make for a great family. <3 IMG_3966 IMG_3992 IMG_4011 Untitled-4 IMG_4054 IMG_4057 Untitled-3 IMG_4137 Untitled-2 IMG_4230 IMG_4255 IMG_4260 IMG_4350 IMG_4322 IMG_4345 IMG_4333 IMG_4365 IMG_4360 IMG_4376 IMG_4292 Untitled-1 IMG_4443 IMG_4487 IMG_4491 IMG_4514 IMG_4548 IMG_4577 IMG_4581

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