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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Alli & Jon Sneak Peek! | Fishermen's Inn | Elburn, IL Wedding Photographer

Alli & Jon's wedding was of course, nothing short of amazing.  The beautifully renovated Fishermen's Inn was the perfect backdrop to a beautiful Spring day.  The sun was shining and all things were new.  Kate and I photographed their day, and the smiles and love were contagious (as usual - see their engagement shoot for example!) On this sneak peek post, I also have included some of Kate's beautiful shots -- I have to give a shout out to my second photographers (both present and past - Stephanie, Missy, Tara, Melissa, Jenny, Brad...I love you all).  They are so amazing and help make Hazelton Photography that much more awesome. :D  What I love about my second shooters is that, in giving them creative freedom, they are able to use their style along side of mine, and capture moments, angles, light, glimpses that I may not see from my point of view.  The result is a much deeper set of photographs that can become art from life itself.  Weddings are fun, large parties, sometimes family reunions, and sometimes they can get a stigma attached to them of being traditional or cheesy.  But in my mind, and my heart, they embody what is best about life - a celebration of love itself.  How can we say that art can not come from that?

I've included a note beneath each photograph my photo partner took, to give her credit for her top-notch (sorry I kept saying amazing and couldn't think of any other synonyms, haha!) creativity and her ability to inspire me to be a better photographer (along with all of my second shooters and photographer friends).  Thank you.  And Thank You to Alli & Jon for being such an amazing, easygoing, faith filled, loving, strong couple.  You are forever. <3

IMG_2364 IMG_1382 IMG_1393 IMG_1586 IMG_1782 IMG_1763 IMG_1816 Untitled-1 IMG_2276 IMG_2157 IMG_4638

Awesome floral shot by Kate


Artistic ladies shot by Kate

IMG_2363 IMG_2441 bowties

Sweet bowtie montage by Kate

IMG_2640IMG_9991 IMG_2649 IMG_2828 IMG_2913 IMG_4624

Adorable close up of bride and groom getting hoisted by Kate

IMG_3080 IMG_3112 IMG_4693

Bride and Groom with Willow tree by Kate

IMG_3256 IMG_3268 Untitled-3

Close up in sun (on right) by Kate

IMG_3327 Untitled-2IMG_4750

Carrying her "over the threshold" by Kate (I was hiding behind them because I saw her taking this awesome shot and didn't want to bomb it!)

IMG_3454 IMG_4842

Sweet moment by Kate


Sweet dance moves by Kate


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