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Whitney & Kyle Sneak Peek! | Germania Place | Chicago, IL Wedding Photographer

Whitney & Kyle were married downtown Chicago, and every time I photograph a Chicago proper wedding, it reminds me of how beautiful the city truly is.  The icing on the cake was this gorgeous, adorable, perfect couple and their awesome celebration of starting the next chapter of their lives together. <3  Kate and I were honored to be a part of it!  One of my favorite things to capture on a wedding day, other than beautiful details and portraits, are the moments that happen.  Something special that happens a lot, but is different with each wedding, is the first time the bride is seen -- whether its her husband-to-be, her bridesmaids or her parents (or all three, as seen below!  Pick your favorite!), the moment is something great.  The bride looks lovelier than ever, she is finally ready to walk down the aisle and enjoy the first day of the rest of her life as a wife.  While that has different meanings for different people, there is no denying that the happiness and love and positive energy of a wedding day are something to behold.  And it all starts with the ladies (and gents), donning their finest. <3 IMG_2882IMG_2920IMG_3068IMG_2987IMG_3092IMG_3102IMG_3172IMG_3160IMG_3387IMG_4355IMG_3462IMG_3340_MG_0118IMG_0299

Awesome groomsmen shots by Kate!_MG_0150IMG_3514IMG_3553IMG_3653IMG_4684IMG_3663_MG_0178

Above shot by Kate

IMG_3925 IMG_0213 IMG_4138 IMG_4050 IMG_4071 IMG_4089 IMG_4533 IMG_4514 IMG_4543 IMG_4554 IMG_4802 IMG_4623 IMG_4652 IMG_4842IMG_0749IMG_0742IMG_4937 IMG_5028 IMG_0980 IMG_5218

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