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Jackie & Bill Sneak Peek! | Heritage Prairie Farm | Elburn, IL Wedding Photographer

I was back again a couple weeks ago to the ever gorgeous Heritage Prairie Farm!  This time, for Jackie & Bill's wedding!  Even though I often will go to venues more than once, every couple is so different that I feel like weddings are as similar to each other as snowflakes.  Jackie and Bill are so creative and unique, when I first saw Jackie in her dress when we arrived, my jaw literally dropped!  I love that no matter how many weddings I shoot, I am always seeing something new.  That also includes their painted "unity" heart during the ceremony!  One of the best things about their wedding (on 06/13/14) was that it was the evening of the "Honey moon" - the big, golden colored full moon that only comes about every 150 or so years!  It was the perfect end to their one-of-a-kind day <3  Thank you to Stephanie for helping with the photos that day, and for some of the beautiful detail shots below!  And thanks to Kio Kreations for the AMAZING flowers! IMG_5956 IMG_6410 IMG_6446 IMG_6013 IMG_6111 IMG_6106 IMG_6128 IMG_6201 IMG_6230 IMG_6245 IMG_6289 IMG_6549 IMG_6503 IMG_6081 IMG_6591 IMG_6642 IMG_5538 IMG_6750IMG_6696 IMG_6785 IMG_5570 IMG_6897 IMG_7012 IMG_7015 IMG_7026 IMG_8247 IMG_7294 IMG_7214 IMG_7372 IMG_7422 IMG_7429 IMG_7445 IMG_5787 IMG_7275

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