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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Loren & Travis Sneak Peek! | Klein Creek Golf Club | Winfield, IL Wedding Photographer

Loren & Travis were married two short weeks ago on a perfectly lovely June day... come to think of it, ALL of my June weddings had perfect weather!  This was one of the best months by far, I hope Summer keeps it up!  Loren & Travis reminded me (also Geneva natives!) of my husband and me, a couple together so long and that love each other so much, it goes without saying!  I can see it their eyes, the way they hold each other and how much they laugh together.  Kate and I had super fun (which included a death-defying golf cart ride! And my first time working with my BFF Zack from Music By Design!), I can honestly say I had a smile on my face the whole time.  :)

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(Guys shot by Kate)020-LT 021-LT

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(Trolley shots above by Kate)024-LT 025-LT 026-LT 027-LT 028-LT 029-LT 030-LT

(Black & whites above by Kate)031-LT 032-LT 033-LT 034-LT 035-LT 036-LT 037-LT 038-LT

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