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Lai & Yong Sneak Peek! | Floating World Gallery | Chicago, IL Wedding Photographer

It's not hard to forget how beautiful the city is, when a fun, adorable couple (and their equally adorable bridal party) takes you around town in a sweet limo on a gorgeous Summer day.  With their easy going attitude, never ending smiles, and a bit of city adventure mixed in (see the pic of the girls getting splashed by a passing boat - WHAT), to kick off their marriage, I know that Yong and Lai will be the same throughout their whole lives.  Kate and I were so honored to be a part of the day!  Check out a few favorites, with more to come soon! <3 IMG_2146 IMG_2124 IMG_2188 IMG_2269 IMG_2289 IMG_2294 IMG_2358 IMG_0047 IMG_0086 IMG_0015 IMG_0154 2

Awesome dude pics by KateIMG_2392 IMG_0178 IMG_2418 IMG_2423 IMG_2494 IMG_2538 IMG_0044 IMG_0055 IMG_0209 IMG_2641 IMG_2644 IMG_2699 IMG_2746 IMG_2803 IMG_2808 IMG_2838 IMG_2513 IMG_2944 IMG_2907 IMG_0017 IMG_3013 IMG_3018 IMG_3088 IMG_3099 IMG_3154 IMG_3279 IMG_3345 IMG_3323 IMG_3491 IMG_3483 IMG_3468 IMG_3503 IMG_0097 IMG_3494 IMG_3578 IMG_0199 IMG_0207 IMG_4018 IMG_0006 IMG_0104 IMG_3610 IMG_3868 IMG_3884 IMG_7897 IMG_7894 IMG_8006 IMG_4396 IMG_4378 IMG_4438 IMG_8005 IMG_8016 IMG_8012 IMG_4046All pics in this post are © Hazelton Photography 2014.  Please ask permission before use.  Credit required.

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