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Allison & Matt Sneak Peek! | A New Leaf | Chicago, IL Wedding Photographer

It is really hard for me to blog -- not because I don't like to, or because I don't like to pick out images -- its the opposite -- I love looking at the photos and deciding which ones strike me the most from the day.  But the problem I have is time.  Something always comes up where I have to put it off, or it takes longer for me to do because I cant narrow down to a reasonable amount for a blog... for example, looking at Allison & Matt's I kept saying "Argh, I love this picture".  I don't know if I make the right choices choices for blog images, but I go with my gut -- and maybe that is the best choice of all.  Sometimes the Universe just pulls us in these certain directions, and there is no turning away or veering off course.  Allison and Matt were pulled together, all the pieces fell into place, everything was meant to be.  There was so many emotions going on throughout the day, the air was almost thick with love.  That sounds maybe a little gross, but it was certainly enjoyable to be around.  One of my favorite parts of the day were the toasts -- I love getting reactions so I can remember not what was said, necessarily, but how they felt when they heard it.  The laughter, the tears, the love, the slight embarrassment... those are some of the greatest feelings on a wedding day, or any day. <3 001am 002am 003am 004am 005am 006am 007am 008am 009am 010am 011am 012am 013am 014am 015am 016am 017am 018am 019am 020am 021am 022am 023am 024am 025am 026am 027am 028am 029am 030am 031am 032am 033am 034am 035am 036am 037am 038am 039am 040am 041am 042am 043am 044am 045am 046am 047am 048am 049am 050am 051am 052am 053am 054am 055am 056am 057am 058am 059am 060am 061am 062am 063am 064am 065am 066am 067am 068am 069am 070am 071am 072am 073am 074am 075am

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