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SherryAnn & Ben | Engaged! | New York City, NY Engagement Photographer

That's right, that says "New York City" up there!  Ever since I was little, it was a dream of mine to live in New York City.  Up until I actually graduated high school and started making some big life decisions, I thought I would always move to New York someday.  That didn't happen, lucky for all you Chicago area peeps!!! :)  I never made it to New York, not even for a visit -- until SherryAnn & Ben came along!  They moved there a couple years ago from this area and fell in love with the Big Apple, and they wanted to show me why.  I have to say, I have never had a better time visiting a new place before for such a short time (only 1 day!)!  My trusty sidekick (my husband Brad) tagged along to help shoot their engagement photos, and we got to have a mini-tour of this beautiful, historic & romantic place that is full of life and energy and an almost wisdom that floats through the air.  It was so fun to see and photograph a different skyline (although I love Chicago's, of course!).  TODAY is SherryAnn & Ben's wedding day in Chicago, actually, and I can't wait to see these two celebrate their marriage for the first time! 0005-SB 0020-SB 0011-SB 0031-SB 0049-SB 0055-SB 0057-SB 0093-SB 0067-SB 0137-SB 0149-SB 0167-SB 0180-SB 0173-SB 0197-SB 0205-SB 0212-SB 0230-SB 0263-SB 0271-SB 0276-SB 0290-SB 0294-SB 0302-SB 0311-SB 0344-SB

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