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Sarah & Dave Sneak Peek! | Riverside Receptions | Geneva, IL Wedding Photographer

I feel like I haven't posted a Geneva wedding in a while!  Sarah and Dave were married August 1st in my hometown (and studio-town) and had two of my all time favorite venues - Herrington Inn (first look and a few pics) and Riverside Receptions (for ceremony & reception)!  We didn't have to go far to get great photos and a great variety of beautiful backdrops.  Sarah and Dave are awesome, and such a sweet, loving couple, but I have to say one of the things I remember most about their day was Sarah's bridesmaids.  They were AMAZING.  They were what I call "professional bridesmaids", and there wasn't just 1 - all of them were like that!  So helpful, sweet, take charge, know their stuff without being too pushy.  My favorite BM is pictured below, who took over the list of family photos and helped organize them and call everybody together for me!!!  That is a wedding photographer's *dream* - I only had to pose and shoot and maybe 20 photos took about 20 minutes?  That was 1 minute per photo, come on!!!  Amazing. OK enough nerding out about organized family wedding photos and awesome bridesmaids.  On to the beautiful photos! <3  Congratulations to you, Sarah & Dave - you are the perfect couple!!!

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Groom/groomsmen shots by Kate021sd 022sd 023sd 024sd 025sd

4 First look shots above by Kate026sd 027sd 028sd 029sd 030sd 031sd 032sd 033sd 034sd 035sd 036sd 037sd 038sd

Cute pic above by Kate039sd 040sd 041sd 042sd

3 Photos above by Kate

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Parents photos during ceremony by Kate

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First kiss by Kate053sd 054sd 055sd

Best. bridesmaid. ever.

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Toast photos by Kate

068sd 069sd 070sd 071sd

Parents dance photos by Kate

072sd 073sd

Fireworks shot by Kate!


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