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Michelle & Brett Sneak Peek! | Morton Arboretum & Hotel Arista | Naperville, IL Wedding Photographer

My job is essentially to watch people all day at one of the biggest events of their lives, and pick up from what I see how they are feeling - if they might laugh, cry, feel some emotion or have some spark in their eyes that tells me they are going to want to remember this moment.  That is when I have to click my shutter, before the moment is gone.  Perhaps its a cliche, or I am over thinking it.  But when I see these moments happen and KNOW they are happening in my heart, I connect to them too and they make what I do feel that much more special.  The way Brett looked at Michelle ALL DAY was what I saw this day.  I caught him so many times just staring at her, with ultimate love and adoration in his eyes.  I could almost HEAR his heart fluttering. If I were an old timey cartoon fan girl it would make me swoon.  There was a lot of swoon-worthy eye candy at this wedding, but that look on Brett's face was the best!  These are just a few of the beautiful day Missy & I captured, but I know I am going to give Michelle quite a few more with Brett looking quite happy to be her new husband. <3 001mb 002mb 003mb 004mb 005mb 006mb 007mb 008mb 009mb 010mb 011mb 012mb 013mb 014mb 015mb 016mb 017mb 018mb 019mb 020mb 021mb 022mb 023mb 024mb 025mb 026mb 027mb 028mb 029mb 030mb 031mb 032mb 033mb 034mb 035mb 036mb 037mb 038mb 039mb 040mb 041mb 042mb 043mb 044mb 045mb 046mb 047mb 048mb 049mb 050mb 051mb 052mb 053mb 055mb 054mb 056mb 057mb 058mb 059mb 060mb 061mb 062mb

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