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Stephanie & Mafona Sneak Peek! | Riverside Receptions | Geneva, IL Wedding Photographer

Stephanie & Mafona were my last August wedding, on yet another beautiful day this Summer.  Now, stay with me, because I am going to get a little deep in this post.  I can't help myself, because when I think about how different their backgrounds are, yet how similar these two are and how fate brought them together... I think, how wonderful.  And I get a little happy inside.  Weddings are full of traditions -- weddings themselves are a "tradition" -- perhaps unnecessary, for the most part, symbolic or even just for fun rituals done throughout the day.  Yet -- they all serve a purpose -- to help celebrate two lives coming together, two families joining together and MOST importantly (in my mind) to share their joy.  Weddings aren't necessary. Parties aren't necessary. Traditions aren't necessary.  Sure. Yet, isn't sharing your joy with other humans one of the greatest things life has to offer?  Maybe that's why people aren't stopping this whole wedding thing anytime soon (not just to keep me employed, heh heh).  Because we get to spend an entire day being HAPPY - with someone, for someone.  How can we say this is not necessary?  And yes, of course, it's FUN!!!!!!!  <3 001sm 002sm 003sm 004sm 005sm 006sm 007sm 008sm 009sm 010sm 011sm 012sm 013sm 014sm 015sm

Two shots of Mafona making eyes at beautiful Stephanie by Kate016sm 017sm 018sm 019sm

B&W close up by Kate020sm 021sm 022sm 023sm 024sm 025sm 026sm 027sm 028sm

Groom/groomsmen shots by Kate029sm 030sm 031sm 032sm 033sm  037sm034sm035sm   038sm   041sm036sm 042sm039sm040sm 043sm 044sm 045sm 046sm 047sm

Wedding details and awesome shot of Stephanie's 96 year old Grandfather by Kate048sm 049sm 050sm 051sm 052sm 053sm 054sm 055sm 056sm 057sm 058sm 059sm

Front shots during ceremony by Kate.  One on the right is my new favorite pic!!!060sm 061sm 062sm 063sm 064sm 065sm 066sm 067sm 068sm 069sm 070sm 071sm 072sm 073sm 074sm 075sm 076sm 077sm 078sm 079sm 080sm 081sm 082sm 083sm 084sm 085sm 086sm 087sm

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