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Amanda & Nate | Midway Village | Rockford, IL Wedding Photographer

The theme of today is "good things come to those who wait" -- I know it is a cliche but I've been so busy lately, I am running a bit behind on the blog -- but in the midst of all the chaos I managed to spend a few days relaxing out of town with family, to recharge my batteries and come back better than ever.  I find that in the world today, everything and everyone is in a big RUSH.  If they don't get instant gratification, then they experience some sort of panic or let down.  In reality, real reality -- the longer I spend on something, the BETTER it is. That can be said of a lot of things, not just photography -- relationships, for example.  The longer you spend and the harder you work on a relationship (as in more effort put forth, not denying its problems), the BETTER it is.  The same can be said for weddings -- Amanda and Nate were married last year, in a small and intimate courthouse wedding.  They weren't ready to spend the energy planning a big wedding then, but knew they wanted to be married and start their life together.  One year later, after they were ready, they finally had the big celebration of their dreams.  Amanda is an AMAZING wedding planner at La'Di Events, and I have worked with her several times.  She has such an amazing eye for detail, her wedding was  - dare I say - perfect!   But even better was the love between Amanda and Nate, which is just getting better as time goes on. <3

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