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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Else & Joe | Kuipers Family Farm | Maple Park, IL Wedding Photographer

Else and Joe are one of the most fun couples I've ever met!  If rain is a blessing on your wedding day, then they will counting theirs until the end of their days!  The skies did ease up a bit to let us get some great pics outside, and Kuipers is a beautiful place, rain or shine.  But when we got caught in the rain for the 3rd...4th? time, and they both smiled giant smiles and raised their hands up to the Heavens as if to say "oh well, bring it on!"  I knew that they were perfect for each other. This couple have seen a lot -- world travelers, they live over seas, they are from two different countries and met in a third -- their lives are full of amazing adventures.  I am so happy I got to be a part of the beginning of their greatest adventure of all. <3

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