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Wedding and Portrait Photography in Geneva, Illinois. 

Beth | Senior Portraits | Geneva, IL Senior Portrait Photographer

I don't get to photograph very many senior photos, which is a bummer because I absolutely love it.  I think there is a buzz among the young set that I am not currently a part of but hope to be in the future.  I love seniors (in high school -- I love the 65 and better crowd too but that's another post for another day), because I feel like I can be my most creative with them.  Not that I'm not always looking for creativity with my other portraits and weddings, but there is something about that age -- so many changes happening -- in between a child and an adult, so much joy and pain at the same time, that it provides a window into a sort of risk taking, adventurous, creative spirit that isn't always there.  When I have photographed seniors in the past, I feel like I'm on a mini adventure, challenging myself and my subject to see how far I can go, what I can get away with.  Now, I haven't gone too crazy (except for maybe one time I got my car stuck in 3 feet of snow because I had to have "the shot"), but I do feel some renewed energy every time I photograph a high school senior.  They are about to start a brand new adventure, and I get to glimpse a tiny part of that jumping off point...  

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