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Julia & Matt | Heritage Prairie Farm | Elburn, IL Wedding Photographer

I always say there is something magical about Heritage Prairie Farm, but that probably has a lot to do with the couple I get to photograph there.  Julia and Matt were no different.  Julia and Matt express their love for each other in a quiet way but in a way that fills the air with its energy.  If you watch them steal a look or how he kisses her hand, or how she lays her head against him, you can truly feel the love.  Its almost like everyone else in the world disappears for a second, and they are the only two people around for just a moment.  I find that happens a lot when someone has found the person they were meant to be with for their rest of their life. <3 001jm 002jm 003jm 004jm 005jm 006jm 007jm 008jm 009jm 010jm 011jm 012jm 013jm 014jm 015jm 016jm 017jm 018jm 019jm 020jm 021jm 022jm 023jm 024jm 025jm 026jm 027jm 028jm 029jm 030jm 031jm 032jm 033jm 034jm 035jm 036jm 037jm 038jm 039jm 040jm 041jm 042jm 043jm 044jm 045jm 046jm 047jm 048jm 049jm 050jm 051jm 052jm 053jm 054jm 055jm 056jm 057jm 058jm 059jm 060jm 061jm 062jm 063jm 064jm 065jm 066jm 067jm 068jm 069jm 070jm 071jm 072jm 073jm 074jm 075jm 076jm 077jm 078jm 079jm 080jm 081jm 082jm 083jm 084jm 085jm 086jm 087jm

Second Photographer: Kate Kaplan

Venue: Heritage Prairie Farm

Videographer: Blink of an Eye Productions

Florist: Karen Daudelin

DJ: Just Press Play

Dessert: Bang Bang Pies

All images in this post are © Hazelton Photography 2016.  Please ask permission before use.  Credit required.

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