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Nicole & Jerry | Montebello Estate | Lemont, IL Wedding Photographer

Sometimes one or two things go not according to plan on a wedding day.  No big deal.  However, sometimes you need to implement a complete "Plan B"!  Not to worry -- since I have had so much experience at weddings, Plan B, C, D, E or F will be met with a smile, calm demeanor and seen as a new adventure!  I think Nicole and Jerry are no strangers to a backup plan, because they were all smiles the whole day!  A little bit of extra time taken, a little bit of rain, a first look pushed into seeing each other for the first time that day at the ceremony, and a few other hiccups throughout the day were no match for the powerful love that was being celebrated that day.  The day turned out AMAZING and I was happy to be a part of it.  <3 001nj 002nj 003nj 004nj 005nj 006nj 007nj 008nj 009nj 010nj 011nj 012nj 013nj 014nj 015nj 016nj 017nj 018nj 019nj 020nj 021nj 022nj 023nj 024nj 025nj 026nj 027nj 028nj 029nj 030nj 031nj 032nj 033nj 034nj 035nj 036nj 037nj 038nj 039nj 040nj 041nj 042nj 043nj 044nj 045nj 046nj 047nj 048nj 049nj 050nj 051nj 052nj 053nj 054nj 055nj 056nj 057nj 058nj 059nj 060nj 061nj 062nj 063nj 064nj 065nj 066nj 067nj 068nj 069nj 070nj 071nj 072nj 073nj 074nj 075nj 076nj 077nj 078nj 079nj 080nj 081nj 082nj 083nj 084nj

Second Photographer: Kate Kaplan

Venue: Montebello Estate

Band: Sean and Charlie

Officiant: Terry Barnes

Videographer: fortyOne Films

All photos in this post are © Hazelton Photography 2016.  Please ask permission before use.  Credit required.

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